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Blinker Branding

Brand Development

Blinker Branding is the graphic design and marketing sector of Fusion Design Consultants Inc. in Boston, MA. The design team began to pull in more specific clientele that didn't necessarily need the full service that Fusion provides. The solution was to break out the design team into its own branded team that would sit under the Fusion umbrella.

The orange dot has always served as the recognizable feature of Fusion's logo. Because we had intentions of maintaining the association with Fusion, we decided to build on that mark and create a narrative that would speak to the design and marketing team. 

A blinker provides direction and leads the way. Blinker Branding provides top-notch expertise to guide their clients in the right direction, and to help their brands reach the next level. 

Blinker Stationary Mockup.jpg
Blinker BC mockup.jpg
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