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edX Organic TikTok and Landing Page Launch

Organic TikTok Launch

In an effort to raise awareness for the edX brand and to reach a brand new audience, we launched an organic TikTok profile and landing page with TikTok-specific content in order to cater for this new space. 

The user on TikTok expects content that is relatable, organic, approachable, honest. The goal was to meet this audience where they are, and understand that they probably had never heard of the edX brand previously. The strategy is to use compelling content, funny riffs, recognizable trends in order to connect the audience with edX and all we have to offer. The TikTok pulls them in, and the landing page offers high-level, easily scanned content that explains the benefits of edX. 

Check out the landing page (desktop + mobile), as well as the video we launched with below.

edX TikTok Landing Page_d.png
edX TikTok Landing Page_m.png

Click the
iPhone screen to watch the TikTok

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