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Higher Ed 
Meets TikTok

TikTok Paid Advertisements

Creating and advertising on TikTok is unique in that traditional advertising practices will not land. The culture on TikTok is organic, approachable, honest, raw. Polished marketing that we see on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, will be quickly scrolled past by the TikTok user. I, and the team working to bring these to life, sought out to create true TikToks, rather than ads. This project required strategic thinking, and really putting ourselves in the user's shoes in order to produce something that would suit the TikTok culture, while creating return for our product.

Click the phone screens to see how we brought these ideas to life. 


GRWM: Follow me as I transition from my work commute into comfy life at home. Earning my degree while working is doable!


My Uni Support Team: Kishen highlights the endless support he receives, even as an online student.


The LSE Student: Emilia shows us all the awesome aspects of learning online, and being an LSE student.


Group Projects: Emily pokes fun at the dreaded group project scenario. The online experience is exactly the same! 

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