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Syracuse Online Enterprise Website

OnlineGrad@Syracuse Web Experience

Our long time client, Syracuse University, has established themselves as a powerhouse in the online learning space. After almost a decade of the same web strategy, and exponential program and prospect growth, I suggested that it was time for a change. 

We needed to position the web experience to engage a savvy audience that would interact with enterprise-wide content, rather than maintaining separate experiences per school, or even vertical. 

The Syracuse Online Enterprise site was conceived with the notion of providing a world-class user experience to represent a world-class education option. Rather than the School of Communications and the School of Business living in different web spaces and under different URLs, became the one-stop-shop for every education need our users could think of. It provided our audience the chance to interact with the site as humans — who make decisions based off of impulse, or after hours of research. Perhaps they know they want an MBA, or maybe they want to understand how an Analytics degree could expand their business career. Maybe they came looking for the MBA, but thanks to the enterprise experience, are ready for a career change into Computer Science. The opportunities at Syracuse are endless, and we needed to ensure the marketing site experience displayed that. 

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Copywriting credit: Chrissy Marselle

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