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University of
London & LSE

Organic Marketing Website

The University of London and the London School of Economics partnered with the 2U team to launch a suite of undergraduate programs—entirely online. When we're finished, the portfolio will consist of twenty-one, curated, world-class undergraduate programs that will be accessible to students across the globe.

The relationship between the two well-established institutions was familiar, but not formalized. In addition to creating a suite of marketing materials, I was tasked with establishing the updated brand identity that would marry these centuries-old profiles.

So far, the 2U team has produced the marketing site, brand strategy, student acquisition strategy, paid advertisement strategy and design (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube), paid landing page experiences, email marketing drip campaigns, and a complete brand guide for the dual-branded partnership.

Highlighted below is the dual-branded site homepage to display how we've married the two brands into one cohesive, recognizable experience.


Copywriting credit: Emily Newhook

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